Modern websites

I help create a professional image on the web by creating modern websites.

Creating websites

I offer complete implementation and constant support.

My specialty are websites. Creating websites and everything related to their smooth functioning.

I help my clients to successfully complete the entire website creation process. Modern design and complete implementation.


What I do?

Website design and development for SMEs, local businesses and self-employed professionals.

Websites usually differ from the functionality running in the back-end such as on a basic website to inform visitors about your brand and also, on a blog to publish your latest posts. Most websites I build have a combination of those functionalities running at the same time.

Mobile-first approach

All websites I build are mobile-friendly and depending on the type of your project and target audience I'll focus on the mobile-first approach from the get going.

This approach offers an added-value by enabling visitors to interact with your brand, products and services in a very personal way considering that most of them will be using their mobile devices on the go wherever they go.

SEO-friendly websites

When I develop a website, I always make sure it is built in accordance with the best practices in on-page SEO such as the HTML structure and information architecture. Still, the most important factor here is the textual content within those pages. If you are also looking for help with content auditing, keywords research and paid advertisement, please scroll down to the Collaborations section.

Making life easier with CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System and is where the website pages and features will be managed from. It is an amazing tool for everyone, developers and end users.

By making use of a CSM, you should be able to manage most aspects of the website such as updating texts and images yourself once I finish building its structure.

Let's get your project up and running!

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