Maciej Szelag

Websites for future

I am Creative Web Developer with a real passion for the web.
I approach every project with an attention to detail and a determination to exceed my clients expectations.

How can I help you?

I design and develop websites for companies, individuals across Cornwall, Devon and the UK remotely to build beautiful, intuitive websites.

About me

Maciej Szelag

I’m fiercely dedicated to designing the best websites I possibly can for clients like you, websites that not only look beautiful but leave your competitors in the dust and help your business grow.

I like to work in a very collaborative and open way, you will always have a say in what’s going on and I will always give you my honest opinion on what I think will benefit your business the most.

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Freelance web designer or an agency?

The difference is not always obvious, as some "agencies" are just one man bands with either, many strings to their bow or a team of freelancers.


We will work with you on the project, meaning you will have more control on the project and we can often offer more flexibility.


Freelancers are more competitive because they have fewer overheads.


A freelancer that manages their time well can often beat an agency on turnaround time.

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man in siut with laptop
man in siut with laptop



This means the buck stops here. I am the only one you need to talk to about your project. If there's something I can't do, I can usually recommend someone to do it for you.

How much does it cost to hire a Freelance Web Designer?

Every Freelance Web Developer will charge for projects differently. I charge on a per project basis, so I would ask you to send me a brief outlining your requirements. That way I can see if we'll be a good fit and if I believe I have the skills needed to bring your project to life. I can say that my prices for bespoke design & development typically start at around the £1000 figure.

Why hire Me?

Hiring me will be cheaper than going to an agency because they have less overheads. They are also usually more responsive as the client will always have direct contact with the freelance at all times. A Freelance Web Designer will usually specialise in a few different skillsets and can help you build whatever you are looking for..

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Like what you see?

If you've made it down this far why not send me an email? I'm currently booking in new projects starting from June so don't miss out! Let's work together.